Freedom Church in Leeds

What happens during a meeting (service)?

Our church gathering begins every Sunday morning at 10am. We serve together to help set-up the meeting space and then enjoy a well earned cuppa! We start the meeting ‘proper’ at 10.30am. The remainder of the morning is spent praising and worshipping God. As well as learning from, and being inspired by, the Bible as it is presented to us by various main speakers.

What do you mean by 'praise and worship'?

Praise and worship is expressing our love and thanks to God. At times it can be quite loud and joyful, at other times it may be quieter and more reflective. Whatever stage you are at in your relationship with God, we invite you to join in with the worship as much as you feel able. The music you will hear is fairly modern, but could include some hymns that you may recognise. We encourage people to sing along - words are projected onto a big screen to help you!

You have a 'main speaker'. What do they do?

They give a talk, also referred to as a sermon. The talks shared on a Sunday morning are relevant to life today and Bible based. We often discuss the Sunday messages during the week in our Life Groups.

What is 'breaking bread'?

We often break bread - others may call this the Lord's Supper, Communion or the Eucharist. We invite all believers to join us in remembering Jesus's death and resurrection, and in looking forward to His return!

Will I be asked to give money?

We usually take an 'offering', but we do not expect visitors to join in unless they want to. Please don't feel under any pressure to give something. For those who are committed members of Freedom Church we give a more regular amount - known in church speak as a tithe - as well as a love offering.

Do you have anything for children?

Yes! We organise a 'Sunday school’ (Freedom Kids!) for children aged 3-11 years old. The school is supervised at all times by volunteers who have full police clearance (DBS) to work with children (this includes any future crèche workers).