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The Holy Who? (Part 4)

Over the first three parts of this series we have defined, admittedly in a simple way, why we should think of the Holy Spirit as a person and not an ‘it’ or a ‘blur’. But how does the Holy Spirit fit into the concept of the Godhead? That is the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

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The Holy Who? (Part 2)

I did a bit of checking recently and came across a survey done in 2009 by the Barna Group (a research and resource group focused on the intersection of faith and culture). It was a wide-ranging and nationwide survey, admittedly across the USA, but one of the points of the study was most enlightening.

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The Holy Who? (Part 1)

At Freedom Church we spent a year talking about activating the gifts of the Spirit and living lives where the Fruit of the Spirit is there for all to see. We heard some beautiful messages over that year, but just over halfway through God sprang the thought on me that, even as Charismatic believers, did we have any real notion as to who or what the Holy Spirit is?

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Tongue Twister

Let’s talk about stories.

Our salvation story isn’t just about the moment of deliverance through Jesus Christ. It isn’t about repeating that moment over and over as if the brilliance of it will somehow bring others to Christ.

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