Within our Sunday youth work, we aim to give our young people the choice to choose to have faith for themselves. We look to find various ways of helping build up genuine faith.

Every other week the young people stay with the adults. To help them engage with the talk being given, we use different mediums and discussion to help the talk be relevant to them. We've found that this combination helps them move towards being recognised as a young adult within the church. It also helps them build on various skills so that they can apply this teaching to their lives, and gives them the freedom to ask further questions about what they believe about God.

Our young people have an important role to play in our church family, and we are always trying to develop new ways to empower them to have a voice. They are encouraged to take an active role in serving and leading. Twice a year the youth group lead the main church service planning, preparing and delivering all elements of this family time together. 

We try to help them also engage with wider city youth work and experience broader expressions of faith. 

We believe all these elements work towards our young people finding faith for themselves and being proactive members of our church family and the wider world. They are powerful ambassadors of the gospel whom we want empower so that they can fully embrace who God has made them to be.

We are privileged to have Ben Jones lead Freedom Youth with help and assistance from some amazing people. You can contact Ben via email: